Business Growth Service Match-funding for Leadership & Management training

A great leader can make a business thrive. But having a whole team of great leaders could propel your business into rapid growth. If investment in your leadership team is crucial to growing your business, GrowthAccelerator, now part of the Business Growth Service, can make a financial contribution that makes your commitment even more worthwhile – invest in your team and we will too.

To develop and empower your leadership team during your next drive for business growth, GrowthAccelerator offers match funding of up to £2,000 for eligible senior managers involved in the strategic direction of the business, to undertake leadership and management training recommended for your business. 

Eligible members of your senior management team will be able to take different types of leadership and management training and you’ll be able to apply for training once you are signed up to GrowthAccelerator and have paid your invoice – with the proviso that training begins within 90 days of match funding being approved. Any leadership and management training that you need will be given alongside other core workshops, masterclasses and coaching that your Business Growth Manager recommends in your growth plan. GrowthAccelerator has a team of Leadership and Management Specialists who will recommend the best training for your business needs. 

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