Leadership Training

Breakthrough Growth and Engagement – Free Session

Brought to you by Dale Carnegie in partnership with Business Doctors

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn to create a business growth strategy that sets your direction,  gives you an edge and keeps you out of the killing fields.  

You’ll also learn to execute that strategy through engaging, retaining and sustaining your people. 

Why you want to learn it

All businesses need to set their direction,  identify their competitive edge and strengthen business foundations. This event will help you:

  • Identify the right opportunities, protect against competitors
  • Identify the significance of shared values and how they drive success 
  • Examine the business impact of engagement and why it matters 

Dale Carnegie provides you not only with the tactical leadership tools and skills to get results from your team but combines those tools and skills with exercises to help you achieve the right attitudes and tone that get results in all situations with all people.

How it will help you

You’ll be able to drive engagement to increase outcomes and know how to apply a relationship centred approach to communication.

Upcoming Course Dates

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