Chadwick Lawrence is a broad based modern law firm proud of their Yorkshire heritage. They are trusted across the region to have the knowledge and experience to help in any legal situation. They are considered by many as Yorkshire’s Legal People.

Their vision is “to be recognised as the best legal practice in West Yorkshire, both from a perspective of client desire to engage our services and staff wanting to come and work for the firm. We will employ lawyers with personality who are approachable, understand our business needs and those of our clients. People who are capable of conversing in plain English but who are skilled in their profession and confident in their approach. A people culture made up of those who will do what they say they will do, within the timescale that they agree. In short, we want to be the best at what we do.”

Leading the Chadwick Lawrence Way


If Chadwick Lawrence is going to be a great place to work and the Firm of choice for clients, it is the job of the leadership team and partners to create the right environment. To drive the culture and values they have created the Chadwick Lawrence Way which will become the DNA of the firm and drive how people engage with each other and with clients.