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How to Develop and Lead an Agile Team During a Crisis

Organisational agility has been a ‘buzzword’ in recent years, but now those skills and plans are being put to the test.

What You’ll Learn

Join our agility experts in this free 90 minute webinar and learn how to:

  • Create a fast, consistent process to mobilise your team and employees, enabling quick decision-making that can deliver results in a time of crisis
  • Foster collaboration and co-operation from your team, so they are still productive, generating ideas and engage
  • Develop a corporate culture that is open, accepting and ready  to adapt and change by creating a new manager and employee mind-set that focuses on the end goal and the best way to get there – even when it feels uncomfortable.

Why you want to learn it

To free up resources and become more responsive, business leaders across the world in every industry, are reshaping their business priorities, stretching budgets and applying greater scrutiny to their capital expenditure and agility is central to all these changes. In fact, according to a recent Forbes Insights survey of more than 1,000 C-level executives, 81% of executives consider agility to be the most important characteristic of a successful organisation.

How it will help you

As well as preparing you for whatever challenges may lie ahead, some organisations have found that when a precarious economic climate requires quick action, they have been able to develop new avenues for growth by strengthening and redefining what is truly core to their  business.

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