Leadership Training

Free – Breakthrough Seminar for Senior Managers

This no commitment, no obligation seminar covers market leading topics such as: The Competitive Edge – What it is and how to get it. Leadership Skills – How to motivate and inspire your people. Memory Skills – How to improve your ability to recall facts and situations. Stress – How to cope under pressure and to turn it to your advantage. Communication Skills – Sharpen skills to avoid misunderstandings and costly mistakes. Time Management – Learn how the best organisations work Smarter not harder.

What You’ll Learn

It’s true, isn’t it? These days, we need to do more in our organisations, often with less people and less time than ever before. At the same time we still need to maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive world. Over the duration of 2 hours, you will learn how to improve your existing working practices and how to enhance your performance in the workplace.

Why you want to learn it

To examine key issues and look at ways that we can “Breakthrough” in our thinking to help us to achieve more in less time. We have designed the introductory seminar to introduce businesses to Dale Carnegie’s principles and demonstrate how these can be extremely beneficial.

How it will help you

Senior Managers, Directors, Business Owners and Chief Executives will benefit from the programme by developing new efficient working styles, how to stand out in the market place and overcome objections in the workplace.

Upcoming Course Dates