10 Facts About Conflict At Work

Based on a CIPD Survey of 660 HR practitioners below are 10 ways that conflict impacts on the workplace.
  1. 44% of HR practitioners say they manage disputes frequently or continually
  2. 27% of respondents said line managers in their businesses got no conflict management training
  3. Public sector HR are more likely to experience conflict that drags on (41%v31% in the private sector)
  4. In some businesses conflict management training has helped reduce employee absence levels by 13%, a reduction in tribunal claims by 12% and a 10% reduction in employee turnover
  5. 1 in 10 participants said that conflict at work has escalated into violence
  6. 47% of those questioned identified that the relationship between a line manager and their direct reports was the one most likely to result in conflict
  7. 18% of HR practitioners have themselves been in a conflict with a senior manager
  8. Top 2 reason for conflict at work - Personality Clash/ Ego(44%) and Poor Leadership (30%)
  9. 80% of HR practitioners interviewed agreed that conflict handling is very or critically important as a management skill
  10. A third of respondents say they had seen the creation of more productive work envirnoments as a result of effectively managed conflict
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