Selecting the Best People for your Organisation 

Successfully recruiting incoming talent is a challenge for senior management, leaders, and human resource professionals during both difficult and thriving economic times.  When unemployment is high, displaced workers compete for jobs alongside recent graduates and retirees returning to the workforce. When unemployment is low, finding the most highly qualified and best fit for vacant positions is equally difficult.Fotolia_29013262_Subscription_Monthly_XXL
Without a plan in place to identify and hire the right people, companies are putting themselves at great risk, having to endure both the measurable and non-measurable costs of high turnover. But how do you actually get the right people on board the bus and in the right seats? How do you effectively screen candidates so that you use your time wisely to interview only those with great potential?
Dale Carnegie can help you answer these questions by providing psychometric testing tools that are benchmarked against your existing high performing team members as well as ensuring that your managers are able to conduct interviews that are professionally run, identify the best candidates for the role and leave even unsuccessful applicants with a positive view of your organisation. 





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