Dale Carnegie Online Leadership Academy

Our unique relationship-centred approach to leadership targets 3 specific stages of a leader’s development, and the skills needed to succeed at each phase.


Leadership Assessment
360 Degree Feedback consists of an online, confidential review of your strengths and weaknesses by your peers and managers, which forms the basis of your development.

Performance Analysis: 360 Degree Feedback

Do you know how your leadership is perceived?

The 360 Degree feedback exercise will give you the views of key stakeholders. This will enable you to compare your perceptions with how others see you. Based on this information we will work with you to set personal development objectives.

Phase One: Confidence & Relationships

Phase one will make you more confident, competent and enthusiastic, by helping you master the communication skills necessary in today’s demanding business environment.

During the Dale Carnegie Course you will learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships and develop a self-assured attitude, instilling confidence and enthusiasm in your workplace.

Phase Two: Leading a Team

We assume that a high performance employee can immediately translate to a high-performance leader. The fact is that the skill set and mind set are completely different and the transition can be hard.

Develop Your Leadership Potential goes beyond traditional leadership training programmes because it focuses on the foundational interpersonal communication skills that are needed to build strong teams and equip new leaders with the right attitudes to step up and take charge.

Phase Three: Leading an Organisation

You will maximise your own performance, become a stronger leader, and add more value to the organisation.

By becoming a champion leader who strategically aligns organisational objectives with individual development goals so that both roads lead to breakthrough performance.

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