Improving Culture, Engagement & Sales

“The results and developments we have seen throughout the business have been incredible and we truly believe that the development delivered by Dale Carnegie has had a direct impact on our business results.” Nicola Forshaw, Director of Human Resources


The Landmark Story

For over 100 years The Landmark London has been an oasis of luxury and tranquility in the heart of the capital. It believes in empowering its people while creating a friendly and family atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. A key part of their company vision and purpose is to challenge each other to enrich their teams and their business to create fulfilling careers and engaging work.

The Hotel embraces its diversity and employs 350 people from over 47 different nationalities. In an industry that often has a revolving door in terms of recruitment, the senior team at the hotel have an amazing retention rate of an average of 9.5 years. It is the belief of Nicola Forshaw, Human Resources Director, that this is due to the on-going development of the leaders, ensuring that they are challenged in a safe environment and encouraged to step out of their comfort zones whenever possible.

The Challenge

The London hotel industry is highly competitive, and the senior leadership team recognise that the key to its future success lies with enriching the careers of its employees who want to work with an organisation that can help build a culture of inclusion. In order to achieve their company’s vision, the organisation wanted their senior team to embark on a journey of cultural change, actively focusing on employee engagement and inclusion to drive the business forward.

As part of this programme it was essential for the senior team to look at things differently to truly enable the desired change to happen.

How we did it

After assessing the business needs it was proposed that The Landmark’s team should attend several of the core Dale Carnegie programmes.

Over the past 5 years the courses have been rolled out internally, starting with the Senior Leadership Team, then to other senior managers, Heads of Department and supervisors.

Engagement is now so high that there is a ‘waiting list’ of team members who have asked to attend for their own development.