Creating a Culture People Want to Belong to

As the competition for talent and clients intensifies, organisations need to develop the behaviours that foster a positive, people first culture. Workplace culture serves as the bedrock upon which organisations build their success, affecting employee engagement, customer experience, productivity, performance management, innovation,  creativity, reputation, and ultimately, bottom-line results.

Companies with a strong culture are 89% more likely to report high customer satisfaction. Source: PwC

Companies with good corporate culture report 4x higher revenues. Source: Forbes

Is how more likely employees are to quit if they don’t like their company culture. Source: Tinypulse

How to Nurture a Culture that Flourishes

Dale Carnegie’s development solutions help leaders and their people understand the role they have to play in creating a successful culture.

Learn to:

  • Establish the attitudes, behaviours and norms that are required to make the organisation a success
  • Create an inclusive, collaborative and psychological safe working environment
  • Develop resilience and adaptability across the organisation
  • Uncover leadership blindspots
  • Structure courageous conversations
  • Align effort with outcome and goals
  • Build a people-first culture
  • Boost employee engagement and company morale
  • Instill social and emotional intelligence at every level
  • Establish a learning mindset, that helps to build on collective strengths and experience to address challenges and opportunities
  • Enhance communication, in terms of both message delivery and receivership (listening)

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