Coaching Solutions

Dale Carnegie’s coaching aligns individual development needs with organisational objectives. Whether looking to improve leadership or commercial performance, enhance communication skills, participants receive a custom, feedback-rich coaching environment to support their desired transformation.   

1:1 Sessions

Aligned organisational objectives & individual needs


Performance based executive & management insight tools

People-Focused Leadership

Only coaching solution to feature Dale Carnegie human relations approach

Time-Tested Methodology

A focus on attitudes and behaviour that leads to lasting performance change

Participants gain valuable insights on their attitude and approach while developing lasting positive behaviours

Why Choose Dale Carnegie?

  1. Measurable Outcomes – Dale Carnegie’s Coaching Certification process ensures quality and consistency in our coaches to drive measurable outcomes for your leaders through their coaching journey.
  2. Our Coaching Solutions focus on facilitating the process of change through modification of strategies, and processes, with emphasis on emotional change as the element central to determining whether growth and change initiatives will succeed or fail.
  3. The Value we bring you is the ability to deliver customised solutions, tailored to drive measurable individual performance, all based on the time-tested quality of Dale Carnegie’s principles for success. We focus on experiential coaching intervention connecting with each leader through purposefully designed interactions.
  4. Difference of 110+ years of experience, unlocking the true potential in all employees. Our global coaching network allows you to access local coaches that have been globally certified to ensure consistent outcomes and results – no matter the location.

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