Impactful Communication in a Hybrid World

In a world dominated by tech and where clients and colleagues may be working remotely, the ability to build rapport through our communication and presentations is critical, in order to ensure understanding, enable collaboration and build trust.

of adults have a fear of public speaking. Source:

of UK employees have lost business because of a poor presentation. Source: Buffalo7

more likely to remember a fact when it’s part of a story. Source: Jerome Bruner

Communicate confidently to all types of audiences

Dale Carnegie’s presentation skills courses enhances your natural communication style to allow you to be more impactful and effective whilst still being your authentic self.

Learn to:

  • Be more natural, relaxed and confident
  • Use storytelling to make your message more memorable
  • Deliver a message that makes people want to listen
  • Sell your ideas and influence others
  • Create an authentic, credible and confident image
  • Plan and prepare professional presentations

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