Enable Sales in Your Business

Whatever the economic outlook, sales teams are tasked with driving revenue and growth, bearing massive responsibility for organisational success. But 55% of salespeople don’t have the right skills to succeed. In order to win sales in a rapidly changing commercial environment, salespeople need to be trusted, agile and able to find solutions.

of salespeople don’t have the skills to succeed. Source: TaskDrive

the average return when a business invests in sales training. Source: TaskDrive

less than 40% of people always/sometimes trust their salesperson. Source: TaskDrive

Capitalise on More Selling Opportunities

  • Develop a sales growth mindset
  • Ask consultative questions to increase the sales opportunity
  • Sell on value, not on price
  • Create long term profitable partnerships
  • Take control of the sales to shorten the sale life-cycle
  • Create a strong pipeline through creative prospecting
  • Create a consistent sales performance
  • Develop a strong referral network.

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