Winning with Relationship Selling

In sales, you can’t always win on price, this course focuses on how to build productive relationships built on reciprocal trust that comes from established credibility and a mutual understanding of value.

Learn to:

  • Create and demonstrate sales strategies that facilitate the buying process through relationship-oriented techniques.
  • Use methods to establish a connection with customers to gain access and establish trust.
  • Construct solutions in collaboration with customers while offering insights and establishing value.
  • Apply the Dale Carnegie Sales Model to eliminate objections and minimise the need for negotiation.
  • Employ proven techniques to maintain customer relationships and encourage repeat business.

Competencies Covered:

  • Attitude: Maintains a friendly, positive, and enthusiastic outlook.
  • Initiative: Proactively makes things happen. Evaluates and takes corrective action with self and others.
  • Influence: Consistently directs situations and inspires mutual commitment and an all-win outcome.
  • Communication: Practices active listening supported with relevant oral and written information.
  • Professionalism: Projects an image of honesty, confidence, and integrity that fosters credibility.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Consistently builds strong, long-term relationships both inside and outside the organisation.
  • Customer Experience: Sees the world from the customer perspective to create a positive engagement that meets their needs and creates loyal champions of our organisation.
  • Customer Acquisition: Identifies and converts prospects into loyal, long-term customers.

Many salespeople and their organisations have pivoted to a virtual selling model or blended model with a combination of in-person and virtual meetings. While the psychology of the process stays the same, different delivery styles are often needed. This course covers both leading practices in virtual selling as well as in-person.

Custom Solutions

Client Results

“We hadn’t tapped into the potential of a unified sales team… we did not engage with Dale Carnegie because we were underperforming… what we’ve seen is a sense of innovatio, problem solving and proactivity and they (the sales team) have just flourished.” Tim Karger, Sales Director, DELL EMC