Leadership Assessments

Dale Carnegie’s insight tools and assessments will help you understand the issues affecting your business, build on your strengths and identify areas of improvement.

Individual and Team Leadership Assessments

Assessment Type Competencies Measured Who is The Survey For Format: Customisable Format: 360 Degrees Format: 180 Degrees
Leadership Development Process Measures communication, people skills, attitude, stress management, self-Confidence, self-direction, leadership skills, personal leadership-management, associate development, culture development, organisational/process management, accountability and results management. New Leaders, Mid-Level Managers Yes Yes Yes Download Sample
Leadership Effectiveness Survey Measures leaders on the following key drivers of their effectiveness: goal Setting, communication, ppenness, follow-up, accountability, ability to motivate, coaching, empowerment, teamwork, employee involvement, innovation, performance goals, delegation, and time management. Employees rate their leaders and organisation to determine key development needs. All Employees, Emerging Front Line & Mid-Level Managers, Senior Leaders & Executives (can be tailored to any level) Yes Yes Yes Download Sample
Dale Carnegie Course Self-confidence, people skills, communication, leadership and controlling stress. Individual Contributors, First-line & MidLevel Leaders (with or without direct reports Yes Yes Yes Download Sample
Executive Development Leadership ability, stress control, communication, organisational skills, management style, creativity and personal impact. Senior-Level Management, Executive Leaders Yes Yes Yes Download Sample
Leadership Development for Sales Managers Communication, leadership, selling process, people skills, process management, customer relations development, results management, market awareness and associate development. New and Current Sales Managers & Directors Yes Yes Yes Download Sample