Creating a Consistent Company Culture

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) award winning fleet sails its passengers to more than 450 destinations globally each year. For over 50 years it has been an innovator in the cruise line industry not only with its luxury liners, but it was also the first company to allow guests the freedom to create their own bespoke itinerary, with no assigned dining and entertainment times and scrapping formal dress codes.

But continuous investment and success did not lie in just investing in their fleet. Passionate and committed to their people and the communities in which they live, as much as they are to their customers, NCLH wanted to create an environment that allowed their team to flourish, where they understood the relevance of the organisation’s values and mission in their everyday work.

With employees in offices across EMEA, which all had their own unique cultures and goals, they needed their values of Family First and Commitment to Community to be consistent wherever their people were based.

Understanding behaviour change filters down from the top of an organisation, NCLH and Dale Carnegie began working together in 2016 to create training and development solutions that would create a positive change across the whole shore based EMEA operation.

What followed was a range of open programmes covering a variety of topics including: people and communication skills, presentation, leadership and sales techniques. In addition, bespoke training solution sessions were created on breakthrough engagement and culture, that all employees attended, to embed the values and behaviours that NCLH wanted to see represented throughout their whole business.  Going forward these workshops will be attended by all new employees to give them a sense of belonging and purpose in their new role, boosting employee well-being, as well as the bottom line.


Develop a consistent corporate culture across all EMEA offices.

Embed the values of family first and commitment to community in all employees.

Increase collaboration across departments.


Feedback from participant and their line manager

Feedback from multiple people across an organisation