Developing Future Leaders

As a member of the multinational Brother Group, Brother UK is a supplier of technology solutions, helping businesses deliver greater productivity and efficiency throughdocumentation, digitalisation, collaboration and mobile solutions.

Since 2014 they have been working with Dale Carnegie to nurture and develop the talent within their organisation.

We live in an era of technological advancement that has never been seen before, and this resulted in Brother UK attracting a younger age demographic . In order to develop and retain this this key talent across the whole business, they wanted to develop a continued culture of learning that would engage their people and create a vibrant, thriving company culture.

The long-term aim of this vision was to allow internal talent to transition from front-line roles to management positions.

Brother UK’s commitment to this transformation in their organisation and in their team has meant that every employee has attended a Growth Mind-Set Workshop, as well as training in How to Be Resilientin Changing Times. In addition to this, when developing specific talent they have utilised Dale Carnegie’s  full catalogue of open programmes, as tactical development of future leaders.

Their vision to be an employer of choice has certainly paid off. In 2019 they became the first UK medium sized employer to be awarded the Investors in People Platinum Award. Other accolades in the last 12 months include winning a second Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development and a second Princess Royal Training Award.

Managing Director, Phil Jones, MBE, said, “Our position as a leading technology solutions provider is intrinsically linked to our status as a top employer, and the innovative approaches we take to both products and people.  We know that it’s working because our employees stay with us on average for an industry-leading 13 years, which means there’s a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and loyalty within our workforce.”

The quality of training facilitated by Dale Carnegie has provided Brother UK Ltd with an underpinning which has developed key individuals who in turn have been able to encourage their peers contributing to a Learning Culture.  A Learning Culture can’t be bought off a shelf it has to be grown organically within the organisation from flexibility, appreciation and ambition. The Dale Carnegie platform has been an important stepping stone in Brother UK developing this culture and our success with achieving the Investors in People Platinum and the Princess Royal Training Awards .”

Linda Willows,

Head of Learning, Development and Legal, Brother UK


To create a culture of learning and development that nurtured the talent within the organisation, giving Brother UK the ability to create future leaders from their own talent pool.