Creating a Consistent Company Culture

“Since the training you can see and feel the behaviour changes across the organisation. It is present in our culture, diversity and business results.”Harvinder Pereira, HR Director, EMEA

The Partnership

Since 2016 NCLH and Dale Carnegie have been working together to create training and development solutions that would create positive behaviour change across the whole shore based EMEA operation.

What followed was a range of open programmes covering a variety of topics including: people and communication skills, presentation, leadership and sales techniques. In addition, bespoke training solution sessions were created on breakthrough engagement and culture, that all employees attended, to embed the values and behaviours that NCLH wanted to see represented throughout their whole business.

The Challenge

Develop a consistent corporate culture across all EMEA offices.

Embed the values of Family First and   Commitment to Community in all Employees.

How we did it

Senior leadership team alignment sessions

Dale Carnegie Course

Leadership Training for Managers

High Impact Presentations

Winning with Relationship Selling

In-house breakthrough engagement and company culture workshops with all employees.