Creating Loyal and Motivated Employees

“The management team feel more valued due to our training investment and now have the tools to excel at their jobs. It has also left the team as a whole feel more motivated and listened to.” Chris Billing, Director

“For anyone wanting to focus their relationship skills and learn how to be more comfortable within themselves, I couldn’t recommend this course more.”

On The Waterfront’s Story

The restaurant industry is notoriously challenging. Competition from chain owned businesses, takeaways, pubs and anywhere else selling food make running an independent establishment not for the feint-hearted.

The industry often has an image of high employee turnover and poor prospects in terms of career progression and opportunities. Attracting employees of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, it takes a special skill set to be able to engage and motivate across generations and cultures.

Recognising that the best way to build loyal customers was by creating loyal and motivated employees, On The Waterfront decided to invest in developing their management team, so that they had the tools and skill-set to lead a multi-generational and diverse team, enabling them to deliver the best employee and customer experience possible.

To drive more consistent revenue growth and service standards, senior management needed to step back and be more strategic while empowering supervisors and deputies to take more responsibility for daily operations.

How we did it

Starting at director level, the On The Waterfront management team attended public Dale Carnegie Courses.

In-house training workshops were also provided for the wider hospitality team in the form of Influencing Skills workshops. These embedded Dale Carnegie’s human relations principles into the culture.