Retaining and Developing Tech Industry Talent

As a result of the training the increased confidence in our employees is clearly visible . The embedded learning approach along with the accountability and behaviour changes it delivers allow us to continually fill our talent pipeline from within, as well as have  enviable employee retention rates.Louise Potts, People and Culture Manager

The Solutions PT – Aveva Story

Solutions PT understands that demand for talent in their sector is fierce. In order to differentiate from competitors they have always been committed to developing a culture that their team want to belong to, based upon their strong  values and behaviours of Respect, Attitude, Communication, Enjoyment and Responsibility.


Reinforcing their strong culture of personal development and employee engagement they are committed to the continuous development of their talent pool to increase internal promotions, enable smoother leadership transitions, improve employee retention and ultimately continually improve employee and customer satisfaction.

For over 15 years their partnership with Dale Carnegie has created a culture of continuous learning impacting engagement and employee retention.

The Challenge

To retain internal talent by offering long-term career opportunities.

Develop future leaders.

Become an employer of choice.

Embed company culture and values throughout the organisation

How we did it

Every employee embarks on The Dale Carnegie Course to embed the way the organisation like to do business.

The coaching and development culture also includes pathways for their degree-level apprentices and new leaders in the form of theHigh Impact Presentations and Develop Your Leadership Potential courses, as well as coaching, behavioural diagnostics and bespoke workshops.