Turning Stress into Success

APEX Medical is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of pressure area care (PAC) equipment, medical beds and manual handling equipment. With an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of patients throughout the UK, APEX Medical is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through innovation and efficiency of care.

The nature of the industry involves employees working with customers who themselves are living through stressful situations, providing care for family members who are sick long-term or are receiving end-of-life care.

This emotional working environment coupled with changes associated with the acquisition of Westmeria Healthcare in 2015 added more pressures to an already challenging workplace.

“Dale Carnegie Training helped us achieve more openness within our organization. The result has been a dramatic increase in inter-team co-operation, which contributed to our significant growth.

Nicola Rodker,

Managing Director


As with most success stories, the path to growth was often paved with challenges, including increased difficulties managing inter-team communication and creating a new operational management structure.


The senior management team decided they needed to find a training partner whose values matched their own with the ability to recognise the perspectives of team members and management as well as foster individual and team change to manage the business growth. Dale Carnegie’s guiding principles and their willingness to get to know APEX Medical’s challenges and needs made them the ideal partner to take the business to the next level.


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