Being Confident, Resilient and Successful

Part of the Italian based Trend Group, Granite Transformations is the number one name in home installations across the world. Installing 8,000 kitchens and bathrooms a month and with a turnover in excess of £200 million, they have 700 employees in 50 countries, including 5 production plants.

It was a strong interest in his own continued personal and professional development that led the COO of Granite Transformations, Danny Hanlon, to Dale Carnegie.  After attending an introductory evening and hearing the stories of success from individuals who had recently completed the Dale Carnegie “Skills for Success” course, he decided to take it himself.  “When I attended the introductory evening I witnessed a young girl get up and speak who proclaimed that she feared public speaking prior to the course. It was clear to everyone that evening just how far she had come so I decided to sign up.”

After experiencing the course for himself Danny recognised that the skills and techniques taught could change behaviours within his organisation, enabling his team to push their personal and business boundaries. Since then the majority of his team have participated in a variety of Dale Carnegie courses.

Danny describes working with Dale Carnegie as follows: “They practice what they preach. I’ve worked with over a dozen people from Dale Carnegie and each time the experience has been the same. Extremely professional, polite, helpful and they truly do want the best for you and your organisation! “

As a result of working with Dale Carnegie, the team have a far greater focus on people and the consequence of that change has led to outstanding results for our organisation.

I have seen marked increases in confidence in each of my team when presenting, managing our customers and simply interacting with each other.  In our game when our franchise owners are successful so are we.  We continue to add between 5-10 new franchise partners each year and we enjoy watching them thrive.

My advice to anybody considering using Dale Carnegie is Do Not Hesitate!”

Danny Hanlon,

COO Granite and Trend Transformations


Granite Transformations are committed to the long-term development of all their franchisees.

In order to create a business that could succeed in a competitive market they wanted a development programme that would enable the franchisees to see themselves as part of a big team, whilst giving them the skills and techniques to be more confident, resilient and ultimately successful.