Winning Hearts & Minds in the Workplace

For a company to be truly successful it has to have the buy-in of its employees.
Employee engagement plays a big part in improving standards, boosting productivity and increasing effectiveness across the board. If you can improve employee engagement it will translate to what the client receives as customer service and your company will grow as a result.

Employee engagement can be categorised by three critical drivers that help to ensure that individuals feel like more than just a tiny cog in a large machine and that they are valued.
• They have a good (and trusting) relationship with their immediate manager
• They have pride in their company
• They have belief in the senior team and the management of employees

To be successful in the wider marketplace you first have to win the hearts and minds of those in your own workplace. If you can inspire your staff, half the battle is won to inspire customers to place their trust in you.

There are a few key areas with which to focus your employee engagement battles. Firstly, you have to create a channel of communication that flows from the top to the bottom. Employees need to understand not only their specific responsibilities and how their success has a direct impact on the company’s success, but also that there is a safe space for them to direct any issues that need to be resolved on a personal level.

Dale Carnegie has a range of courses designed to help leaders figure out the best approaches to employee engagement within their own specific workplace settings. Have a browse of our courses and we’ll be happy to assist you in making your working environment a pleasant one for your employees, and an inspiring place for staff to be engaged and productive to reach long-term goals.

For more ways to improve employee engagement in your business download The Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement.