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Perfecting Performance Reviews

Giving feedback can be tricky and can make the prospect of the performance review meeting daunting for both parties. Productive performance reviews involve fostering open communication and constructive feedback.

By emphasising employee strengths, addressing areas for growth, and setting clear goals, organisations can transform reviews into empowering experiences that inspire professional development and enhance overall productivity.

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Our Methodology is Unique

The way Dale Carnegie’s elite trainers and facilitator’s engage, the environment we create and the way we coach and give feedback, following Dale Carnegie’s DNA, makes us different to other training organisations.
Our trainers undergo more than 250 hours of rigorous in-house development before they can become certified to deliver to our clients. Learning is ongoing throughout their Dale Carnegie career, with regular re-certification and updates to their skills and methodologies.

Our Principles Generate Results

Based on the principles from, How to Win Friends & Influence People, and How To Stop Worrying & Start Living, our proven tools, expertise, and support transform relationships, radically change team performance, create measurable results, organisational impact, and reshape cultures.

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 Outstanding Client Experiences, With Accredited Results

We constantly measure client experience, training effectiveness and customer recommendations, and our VOC and NPS scores reflect the world-class level of service we have become renowned for. Our client satisfaction scores are on par with or exceed well-known brands such as Apple, Amazon and Disney.

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