5 Common Mistakes Made by Leaders

We all make mistakes. This blog will remind you of the some of the most common mistakes leaders make, so that you can work on avoiding them.

The negative effects of not delegating responsibility and workload are many and often overlooked. For example, consider the effect of a co-worker who see’s their manager struggling under a large workload, but who is unwilling to delegate. They will inevitably feel demotivated due to the fact that their manager doesn’t trust them with the work. It’s not just the effect on the leader themselves but those around they are meant to be leading.

It’s very easy to applaud the large wins, the big rewards and the massive impact. But consider a word here or there for the smaller jobs that are often overlooked, but vital to the big picture. Applaud these efforts and every cog in the machine is recognised and motivated.

Poor Communication
The vision you have as a leader is vital to the success of the business. But don’t assume that everyone understands the vision because they read it in a staff handbook. You must constantly remind each department why their role is vital to achieving the vision of the business, why achieving personal and departmental goals contributes towards the companies objectives.

Being Too Approachable
We’ve all had managers that tried to be our friends, the truth is this approach rarely yields success. Set an example by being strong minded, provide honest feedback and set the bar with regard to work rate. These attributes will inspire your staff rather than being able to motivate them with a ‘soon to be forgotten’ joke. Staff look for a leader not a friend in a boss.

Act on Impulse
Whether the decision is to sack an employee or give someone a talking to. Decisions made upon impulse are often done without truly evaluating the situation, a leader is able to take a step back, consider all options and make an informed decision, that they are able to back up with sound business sense.