5 Differences Between Leadership & Management

Organisations need leadership and management in equal measure, and the misconception that one is better or more aspirational than the other does management a disservice. Most of us wear both hats every day but understanding when we should behave as a leader and when as a manager will help us to keep a healthy balance between those groups of crucial activites.

1. The manager creates, implements and monitors processes that enable success, while the leader creates a positive and trusting work environment where people want to succeed.

2. The leader builds a compelling vision of the future to galvanise hearts and minds, while the manager shapes and directs the plan to get us there.

3. The manager organises and makes the most of current resources – time, people, money – to ensure a healthy organisation, while the leader has one eye on the future – trends, opportunities and threats.

4. The leader recognises potential and builds people, while the manager handles performance to raise standards.

5. The manager creates systems that help people to perform well, while the leader involves people and collaborates in designing a world of work that will engage and retain them.

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