Creating that Friday Feeling on a Monday Morning

Monday morning about 08:30 – not the most inspirational time of the week. I walk into my client’s office and something is not right – where is everyone? Desks are unmanned and it looks like no-one has turned up for work today. This is very strange; what should be a busy, active office is eerily quiet…

Yet there seems to be a lot of noise coming from the main meeting room and as I make my way through the deserted office I can hear clapping, cheering and general merriment – very unusual for a first thing on a Monday! What is going on?

As I tentatively push open the door to the meeting room I am greeted by the entire office, all of the drivers and field based salespeople squeezed into what is surely too small a space but clearly having a great time. The company has instigated a monthly awards ceremony and as a director introduces each award-winner it is clear from the delighted (and sometimes bashful) expressions on people’s face as they come to the front of the room that they are loving every minute of it!

As the ceremony finishes and people drift back to work there is a vibrancy and enthusiasm about the way people are talking to each other despite early hour.

People are having fun, yet there is a unified purpose about the way everyone starts
their week and an energy I haven’t seen in the office before.

One of the best ways of giving honest, sincere appreciation I have ever seen and with such a positive impact for the company!

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