Engage. Empower. Enable.

Times are changing fast and as a result many organisations are looking to get more done with less. To make this happen, the words ENGAGE, EMPOWER & ENABLE are critical areas to develop.

Dale Carnegie are specialists in the field of ENGAGEMENT, EMPOWERMENT AND ENABLEMENT. With 100 years of experience, over 9,000,000 people have taken their programmes in over 90 countries.

In automotive they work with companies like Nissan, Adient, General Motors, Toyoda Gosei, IAC and many more.

Engagement: means the relationship between an organisation and its employees. Where engagement is higher, there is improved productivity, more continuous improvement and employees give more discretionary effort. Following extensive research, there are 4 key drivers to employee engagement: Relationship with line manager, pride in the organisation, belief in senior management and employee voice.

Empowerment: Empower is to give power to people so they think for themselves, take more ownership and responsibility, and do more things for themselves without escalating them up to their line manager or above. Remember that empowerment is not just given, it must also be taken. People will only step up when they feel safe to do so and we need to create the right environment for that to happen.

Enablement: Everyone in your organisation has more to give, more potential, more capability and more talent, the key is to enable them to use it in their work. Coaching and enabling people to take more ownership and use more of their initiative is one of the key drivers to increased efficiency and productivity.

To learn more about getting the best from your employees download Managers Matter: Enhancing Employee Engagement.