Learning How to Argue Effectively at Work

Nobody likes to argue. In certain situations in the workplace however, disagreements are a decisive aspect of learning how to get along with colleagues, and how to make a project move forward in the most constructive manner. If you can learn how to disagree constructively and effectively in the workplace you could single yourself out as a future leader within the company you work for.

Be Confident in Your Voice – Never be afraid to voice your views, even if your opinion doesn’t end up being the chosen route forward. All projects work best with as much information and differing views as possible. It’ll help to make you stand out as someone who thinks deeply about his or her work.

Take on Board Opposing Views – When in disagreement with a colleague over a topic, always acknowledge their views, repeating what they have said to you so that they understand that you have listened. In order to build trust and create a resolution both sides have to come to the centre ground and see that they can work together.

Be Ready to Compromise – Once you are in the centre ground during a disagreement you can start to work constructively to talk through all views and work out which bits work, and which don’t.

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