10 Ways to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Research shows that 40% of the things we worry about never happen.
30% of the things we worry about have already happened and actually only 8% of what we worry about actually happens.

These 10 Tips taken from Dale Carnegie’s Book ‘How to Stop Worry and Start Living’ offer simple techniques to ensure worry doesn’t dominate your life.

1. Live in Day Tight Compartments -only worry about what’s happening today – that’s all you can control

2. Sleep – try to rest before you get tired, everything feels worse when you’re exhausted

3. Co-operate with the inevitable – there are some things you can’t control. Accept them and plan how to deal with them so you can move on

4. Try and face your problems logically – follow these 3 simple steps
• What’s the very worst that can happen?
• Prepare to accept the worst
• Think of ways to improve on it

5. Count your blessings not your trifles – clichéd but true. We’ve often got a lot more to be thankful than worry about

6. Don’t worry about the past – what’s done is done. Learn from it and move on

7. Keep busy – activity keeps the mind off anxiety

8. Use the law of averages to out weigh your worries – ask yourself how likely really that this thing is going to happen?

9. Remember that unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment

10. Create happiness for others – research shows that doing good deeds can activate neurotransmitters in the brain that are associated with positive feelings and decrease stress and anxiety.

For more of Dale Carnegie’s tips download Secrets of Success.