Dale Carnegie London & the South East

Dale Carnegie London cover a broad range of performance-based training solutions including People Skills, High Impact Presentations, Customer Service and Sales & Leadership Training. Our aim is to help companies be successful in the city & beyond by equipping them to outperform their competitors, upskilling their staff members and creating engaging environments to work in. Dale Carnegie is recognised as a global front-runner in Leadership & Sales training skills, based in 95 countries and operating in 25 different languages.

Location: 8 Twisleton Court, Priory Hill, Dartford, DA1 2EN, United Kingdom

Contact: Samuel Lessore, Phone: 020 7379 4323, Email: london@dalecarnegie.com, Alternate Email: jonathan.campbell@dalecarnegie.com

Our Vision
‘’We are the last word in transformation.”

Our Mission
‘We operate a profitable and fast-growing business that is committed to helping people and organisations achieve their professional goals through our world-class essential skills training. As a business, we are renowned across our area for our positive and flexible approach, our commitment to the highest standards of client-care and professionalism, and our ability to achieve lasting results through our unique methodology. For Dale Carnegie London and the Southeast, business is personal!

Our Values and the Behaviours that bring these to life
Growth – We step out of our comfort zone and encourage others to do likewise. We are willing to learn and commit to doing better, and to bring something extra to the team / sharing value. We are adaptable and take risks and we are focused on continually moving forward.
Integrity – We believe in doing what we say. We honour commitments and don’t let people down. Through clear communication and practising honesty, we manage the expectations of others. We work to lift others up and support those in struggle. We never speak ill of others and always admit when we are wrong.
Passion – Zeal and grace characterise all of our actions. Everything we do is approached with a positive mindset and an enthusiastic attitude – even the things we don’t want to do. We give our all. If something is worth doing, its worth doing properly.
Excellence – We strive for the highest standards and embrace the Kaizen spirit (continuous improvement). We welcome correction and coaching, and are willing to learn from others. Feedback is a gift. Other people lift themselves up to meet our standards.
Trust –  Trust is the invisible thread that ties us together. We respect and believe in the capability of our colleagues, clients, participants and partners. Pulling together for the same vision, we know we can rely on each other to deliver on our promises. We trust that trust is present. This allows us to be open, to be vulnerable, to forgive, and to be forgiven. We believe in the positive intentions of others. Ownership, accountability and seeing things through to completion.
Adaptability – We are flexible, agile and intentional. We acknowledge the importance of change and are open-minded to innovation and progress. We allow people to have their say, and give space to finish a thought.

We provide training solutions to the leading businesses in the area

Working with a wide variety of businesses, our clients range from SMEs to multinational corporations including Channel 4, indeed, Hilton, Intertrust, Landmark London and many more.

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