Everyday I… 6 Habits of Successful People

Richard Branson believes that daily exercise is what makes him so productive at work, Oprah Winfrey writes 5 things she’s grateful for at the end of each day, and every morning Steve Jobs would look at himself straight in the mirror and say,” “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?”

So what is it with high achievers? What makes them stand out from the crowd? They certainly didn’t get to the top by being the same as everyone else.

In this blog we look at the daily habits of the high achievers within Dale Carnegie and their secrets to success that are simple for you to replicate.

#1 Noha El Daly, Senior Director for Sales in EMEA and Global Master Trainer

‘It’s the simple things that keep me energised and productive and that means starting my day with some ‘Beau -time’. Beau is my gorgeous puppy and being with him always makes me happy and in a great frame of mind to face the day ahead. Life is so hectic and the demands of working across different time zones can make it hard to fit in what is important to you but I always make sure I connect with my Mum or sister wherever I am. At the beginning and end of each day I think of what I have to look forward to or be thankful for and I never eat or drink anything unless I enjoy it – these things bring little moments of joy into my life every day.”

#2 Samuel Lessore, Managing Director, Dale Carnegie London

“Delegation is the one thing I do every day when planning ahead. In my role I have to be many different things to a variety of people across the organisation – my team, our customers, our suppliers and the wider Dale Carnegie group. I work with a talented team of people with a diverse skill-set, so I always look at what I can delegate to each person. Not only does this shorten my rather long to-do list but it also empowers each individual, giving them better understanding and greater ownership of the business.”

#2 Yasmina Kazitani, Senior Marketing Manager for EMEA

“Juggling work with a family can sometimes be hard so each evening I do my preparation for the following day so that I’m ready start work immediately each morning. This enables me to relax each evening knowing I’m prepared for the following day and also means if an urgent matter occurs overnight I am able to re-prioritise quickly.”

#3 Robert Korp, Director of Trainer Quality for EMEA and Global Master Trainer

“I’ve several habits that help me stay agile and resilient. It’s much easier to sleep if each night you shut your eyes with positive thoughts in your mind. So after switching the light off I remember my blessings – my family, the country I live in as well at least one good thing that happened that day. I also think connecting my nature has amazing benefits for the mind and spirit so as often as I can I walk my dog and take in my surroundings. Finally, in order to truly enjoy my time off I turn off connectivity on all my mobile devices whilst on holiday.”

#4 Lizzie Thomas, Director of Franchise Development

“In my role I need to be calm and focused so that I can meet the needs of all the individual franchisees as well as those of Dale Carnegie & Associates. So everyday before breakfast I devote some time to myself by meditating, practicing yoga and going for a walk. Then I’m ready to listen to others…”

#5 Luke Bower, Managing Director of Take Aim Media & Dale Carnegie UK’s Social Media Advisor

“Every morning I allow myself time to complete a to do list, separating tasks into priorities and non-priorities. I allocate each task a number of importance and ensure I complete them in order, which forces me to complete tasks that aren’t as fun/easy and would be likely to slip down the list.

I make time to leave the office. In a creative role becoming stale is easy to accomplish if you spend hours upon hours staring at the computer screen. Therefore, within my daily schedule I’ll allocate time for a walk or a coffee just to reset my mind.”

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