If there are other people who offer the same products or services that you do, how do you stand out?

What do your customers get from you that they don’t get elsewhere? The simple answer is YOU and your work colleagues. Your competitors can copy all of your products, services and systems but they can’t copy the difference that you and your colleagues can make. So here are 5 simple ways to stand out.

1. Be passionate. People still buy from people
If we are passionate, excited, enthusiastic about our company, people, products and services then people will pick up on that. Passion and enthusiasm are very attractive qualities in a partner both in business and in life.

2. Understand your uniqueness and play it up
In answer to the question above, if we don’t know what makes us different then we aren’t different. Find something or create something then play it up, speak it up, live it up.

3. Values Matter
If you have company values, role model them big time. We may be the only person from our company that our customer meets. Therefore, we have a responsibility to be brand ambassadors for our organisation and everything it stands for. By the way that we engage with them let our customers know how amazing our organisation is.

4. Keep Innovating
The world moves on fast. Just look at some of the names that were king just a few years ago that no longer exist and the new names that have changed the game who have only been in existence a few years. Question everything. Find new ways, faster ways, easier ways for customers to engage with you. Tomorrow will be less like yesterday than ever before.

5. Be yourself
Back to the point of earlier, no one else has what you have. Your personality, your standards, your uniqueness. Nelson Mandela once quoted “As we let our own light shine, we give others permission to do the same”. People can tell when we are authentic and genuine and they can tell when we aren’t.

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