The Rules of Engagement – 10 Ways to Keep Your People

Research shows that 88% of people leave their job for reasons other than pay.
Retaining the key people in your business not only improves morale but helps maintain a healthy bottom line. In this blog, Juliette Dennett, Managing Director and Employee Engagement expert, shares her top tips on how to get key people to stay in your organisation.

1. Make people feel important and do it sincerely. When colleagues feel valued and they are rewarded for how their contribution makes a positive difference they will want to stick around.

2. Communicate a strong compelling vision for the organisation. People are more likely to stay when they believe in where they’re headed.

3. Give them something to be proud of! Whether it’s how the business contributes to the wider world, its outstanding customer service record, or world beating results – people who have pride in their organisation will want to be a part of it.

4. Communicate in terms of their interests. Replace “I want you to…” “I need you to….” with more inclusive language like “Let’s do…” or “Can we….?” People will be happier to get on board.

5. Give employees a voice and listen to their ideas and opinions. People will support a world they help create.

6. See their world. Get to know people and their personal commitments so you can support people to achieve them.

7. Keep investing personally in relationships. People who have a great relationship with their line manager are statistically far more likely to stay engaged with the organisation.

8. Give honest, sincere appreciation. It’s the single best way to build other people’s confidence and it encourages them to do the right things more often.

9. Be enthusiastic. Energy energises people!

10. When people screw up handle it professionally and sensitively. People will put things right and stay committed to a leader who is encouraging.

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